I've worked more than 2 years at quizpeople.com. On this page you will se different graphic done by me at my former work. There are still more to come, but this is what I've chosen to show of for now.

You may see some pictures looking like wallpapers, but they where also used for other graphic and are still pictures of some 3D renders.

Many of the games were also put together by me and programmed by another company. The work process was sometimes a bit long because I had to do the concept development as well. But fun.

S.M.U.C java application..

S.M.U.C is a graphic user console for creating postcards online. The application has a unik feature with build in morphing options. Could send the postcard as a jpg pic.

Acrobot logo..
Logo made for a big SMS content packet with a lot of other SMS, Wireless games. I also did the concept for this game.

Scratch game..

Christmas scratch game. Made 6 different skins. The game is programmed by another company, and I did the graphic.
Scratch game..
The scratch game once again. But this time for a presentation for MSN.de The girl on the picture worked at Quizpeople.com

Sigurd Barrett game..

Broadband interactiv music quiz with the famous Sigurd Barrett himself.

Wallpaper for co workers at Quizpeople.com. Used Cinema 4D XL, no Photoshop tweaks on this one. Pure render.


This was used on some merchandise for Quizpeople. Actually on some candy boxes.
Another wallpaper with some of the real old workers at Quizpeople

Logogenerator model2..

The SMS logogenerator with a different look. Gradient experiment in Photoshop.

Slotmachine game..
Slotmachine.. Concept by me, and the first skin out of 15 different skins. I worked together with guy called Daniel B on this one.

Quizpeople bump movie..

Still picture of an intro bump move for the interactive broadband quiz.
Another wallpaper with the Quizpeople logo. Wanted to test the glass in Cinema. And this is what I came up with.

Bengt Burg lotto game..

Bengt Burg family lotto game. This is the frontpage.
Bengt Burg lotto game..
Bengt Burg family lotto game, ingame. This was used as a complete packet for broadband content providers.

Fluid experiment..

Fluid experiment in Cinema4D
Bingo Game..
Bingo game for presentation at Canal Digital. A part of a big packet with gaming content for cableTV boxes.

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