This is my reference page.. Sites created by me or in work with others.You may find some pretty old sites in here. Some of the sites are over 4 years old.. And I have chosen to show them anyway.. Sorry for the low quality on the screendumps. I'm running out of space on my webhotel.

My speciality is creating big content sites, with lots of users and to keep the navigation simple and easy to use for everyone. For a portal site with lots of content it's important to look at the navigation, and to make the content come forward instead of hiding it.

BTW: Many of the screendumps in this section are workfiles. And not the final result you would se on the net. And I've lost quit a bit of my working files when closed..

Reference list:
HAL computer, Netcafe Helsingør, PCBillig, Pfizer ApS, Metroberg A/S,, KlikogVind,,, HAL Games, Aorta, SL Mediacom, CP Interactive, Amistad, Divajam, Playtown,, plus more.


The new layout for Not for viewing yet. Will be when released.

Site for a danish counter-strike clan called Amistad. This site is build on the AuchMars manager system.
Programming by Miichael Larsen


Site made with Miichael Larsen, He did the code. I did the design. Another and improved version of the manager system.

Made for a music group called Divajam. This site also use a manager system for easy update, and picture upload.

Site made with Charlotte Christensson for Pfizer APS. The company who produces Viagra pills.

Working site for Metroberg A/S. This is a workfile, and the site never made it online This was also a part of a concept for Broadband and wireless content.

A small site for a computershop close to where I live..
Major site for counter-strike players. Did the design and the navigation. The site is not yet complete. So it might look a bit strange if you drop by.

Design for This design was used in over 14 different languages, and used in a jobbadd as well, where it won a price.
Very small site for PSXMOD. Didn't complete the site. But wanted to show the layout anyhow.. made by I've added navigation and popup showcases, and some more. This was used for as a content site for broadband and wireless.
A quick layout for my own site.. Actually you are on it right now, but with a different look.


Layout file for a SMS content site with a twist. The site was made for and was ment to be used as a SMS/Wireless site with a lot of entertainment content.
SMS-SITE addon..
An application for the SMS site. This is a logogenerator for sending operatorlogos directly to a mobile phone. american look. High content site, entertainment. Features such as broadband content and leading in Quizzes on the net.
High content site, entertainment. Features such as broadband content and leading in Quizzes on the net. This was the layout used until the end of

Site for a counter-strike clan (Now multiplatform clan) The first site I did some programming on. Aditional programming by Miichael Larsen
Extreme UT clan..
Small site for a UT clan called eXTREME They actually was the number one UT clan in the world some time ago..

Wild Boys..

Wildboys is a site for a music group playing old school Duran Duran music. A very old site. Almost 3 years or more.
Græsted Film & Fjernsyn.
Site for Græsted Film & Fjernsyn. Did this site when I was working at a company called HAL Computer. The site is also quite old, and has changed at bit since the original design was launched.

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